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So, This was something I made a while ago. I figure I should put it up, I really want to start uploading more pieces, the problem is my scanner has trouble picking up certain colours, such as the red and brighter yellow in this. So it looks kinda blegh. I’ll re-upload when I fix it I just wanted to post something now to say I’m still around. I guess it’s like a preview. Look forward to the fixed image.

Made with White Out Marker, Acrylic Paint, Water Colour Paint, Calligraphy Ink a Metal Ring a Round piece of metal and four magnets. I first painted the back area with watercolours, I then attached the metal ring to the four magnets and attached them to a metal plat on the back of the page to hold it in place. I drew some areas with a white out marker along the backside, from there I filled the ring with acrylic paint and black ink from a calligraphy pen, I used towels and dabbed it out around the page. After that I did the same task with the white out liquid in a smaller area. Then I filled the inner ring with varying levels of white out liquid, ink and acrylics until it overflowed, from which I held the page up and rotated while tilting it around which mixed different levels and had different levels escape in different ways.

Again, I’ll upload a better version once I find a way to work around the scanner problems.